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Asset management, staffing, setting interviews, negotiating with talent–every element of pre-production and on-set production is essential, and not all of it is glamorous. I excel at the more detail-oriented aspects of pre-production that are essential to keeping under budget and smooth once on set.

  • Location scouting and permitting
  • Securing tradeouts
  • Crew staffing
  • Budgets (digital only)
  • Story production/scripting
  • Researching and testing challenges
  • Interviewing (background and OTF)
  • Securing talent releases
  • Locating/clearing stock footage
  • Stringouts


Distribution, Partnership Activations and Social Amplification

 Once we understand our objective and the story we want to tell, we identify our audience. We look at the myriad of digital, cable, social and emerging media channels as potential partners to share our story.  

  • Media and entertainment property extension
  • Co-production partnering
  • Digital and cable platform outreach
  • Brand/network alignment and collaborations
  • Social flighting plans
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Integrations (locations, products, brands into pre-existing creative or on-air shows)
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