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Process & Capabilities

Development (Shaping the Story)

As a publication or a brand—the content you put into the world creates your identity. It attracts your audience. It defines you. It’s your most important, ephemeral and multi-faceted resource.   Utilizing a one-on-one approach, I find the essential story behind every project — be it a brand, a group of personalities, an entrepreneur, or a social phenomenon. 

  • Formats: Issue-based programming, docu-follows, Game/Competition, news-based documentary
  • Digital series short-form and long-form development
  • Cross-platform integrated creative strategy
  • Presentation decks and creative bibles
  • Business milestone timeline building
  • Background interviews, biography crafting, character design

Content Creation (Telling the Story)

As someone who comes from a writing background, I understand that even the most ambitious productions and campaigns start with just the nugget of an idea. From that, we find key messages. Then, we spool out the story, finding our voice and identifying the aesthetic.

  • Write outlines, treatments and sample episodes
  • Write and produce projections for series
  • Conceptualize, write and produce segments
  • Website section buildout and complete microsite project management
  • Short-form and long-form docu-scripting
  • Cutdowns and re-cuts — make existing footage new again!
  • Interview questions for casting sessions, testimonials, to-camera interviews
  • Digital and print long-form content writing
  • Digital display / print ads

Casting | Influencer Selection

Who will help you tell your story? For brands and outlets, this has become a tricky question lately, as traditional celebrities and experts give way to influencers and thought leaders. Navigating this requires a fine balance between creative matching and strict vetting via analytics.

  • Primary character and host casting
  • Remote-area and niche-specific character outreach
  •  Influencer scouting,  audit and pre-assessment of true reach using the latest analytics, and fee negotiations (with agency, network or direct) based on true stats.
  • Performance-based/incentivized pay structures for influencers
  • UGC storytelling, using existing staff, brand advocates and consumers to create the “face” of a brand
  • Real-people casting in every realm, from homemakers to small business owners to professional experts.
  • Association/league partnerships