The project: Based on the success of this summer’s widely shared Potato experiment for, I created a social influencer qualification workshop. The program is two parts. In the first, I teach brands the top tricks that today’s “sinfluencers” AKA fake influencers are using to inflate their numbers and engagement. In the second, I show how to screen potential influencers using several different metrics tools–most free. I also share leading-edge list-building platforms, data-scraping tools still in beta, and other tools that allow brands to quickly and definitively sift through the millions of fake influencers to find the few real ones.


Client List: Thus far, I have presented to Time  Inc Food Studio, Jackson Family Wines,, Mina Group, Velas Resorts and MechanixWear.

A Testimonial from JFW:  

“When it comes to influencer marketing, there are plenty of so-called experts out there, but Lena cuts through the clutter to provide a candid, transparent look at what it all really means. In one afternoon, she showed us how easy it is to manipulate the system and empowered us to work around these potential pitfalls. Using a few simple tricks and tips, including some inexpensive analytics tools, she gave us a whole new perspective on how to effectively vet influencers and make the most out of our social media campaigns. Lena is a fantastic resource for anyone who is looking to use social media influencer marketing as a tool for their business.”