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Team 5 Signs With Film-45

Peter Berg’s industry-leading documentary production company jumped at the chance to develop Special Forces medical foundation Team-45 for television, with me and my creative partner in the executive producer spots alongside founder Eric Linder.

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New Client Alert: Hormel Foods

I will be working on a variety of projects for Hormel’s big and diverse family of food brands: print, digital video, influencer initiatives and more. I’m actually three months into working with this client, and so far they’ve been outstanding. Great people. Very helpful and collaborative corporate culture. And… can I tell you how much delicious bacon I’ve been eating lately? WOW!

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New Client: Pace

I got two clients through Facebook within 24 hours recently. It was a very good day, social media-wise.  One’s a returning client, and one is new.

The new client is the agency Pace, which, as anyone in travel media knows, has always set the standard for high-quality multi-platform custom publishing. Ironically, I met a Pace executive who ran an in-flight magazine at a trade show eight years ago and pitched him for a couple years to no avail–only to finally get a completely different project from a creative director’s Facebook post. The world works in funny ways.

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My Photo Tips in Contently’s “The Freelancer”

Tim Beyers included many of my digital photo tips in a piece for Contently’s digital magazine “The Freelancer.” I was thrilled to be included, since I’ve been shooting digital photos for publication since the early ‘Aughts when launching destination sites for AOL Digital City. Tim featured a photo from my work for Suzuki, and one photo that was published by during my Volkswagen campaign and then later by USA Today. That’s the photo on the header of this post.Continue Reading →

Manatee Picnic


An old but great photo, from one of the all-time most relaxing work moments.

This is a manatee trainer on Isla Mujeres. I spent an afternoon with her, feeding lettuce and melons to manatees. We created a fun little video which became my first Yahoo Travel feature. Amazing that it’s one of the only pieces still live after the Yahoo magazines shut down. (Albeit with broken images.)
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