Everyone. Everyone needs a Steve Fisher in their lives–whether you’re working with him, you have a friend like him, or you just like watching his insane videos and TV shows on Red Bull TV or elsewhere.

I met Steve on a Finlandia shoot last year. We were shooting his (also incredibly awesome) friend and fellow athlete Jason Beakes going down Great Falls in a kayak, during a hurricane flood. Each of the five days leading up, the National Park Service had advised us the shoot might not happen because of emergency closures. But Steve and Jason were going to make it happen. And they were going to do it in the most efficient, visually stunning and–you had to see this to believe it–safest, although it looked the craziest, way.

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There were a couple hairy moments…in fact, there were about 30 minutes where I stood with permits in one hand and phone in the other, telling two panicky NPS police that “This is fully permitted and FINE, sirs! You will NOT get these guys out of the river.”

I came to find out afterward that being up to his neck in raging hurricane water is really, for Steve, no big deal. He’s been in rougher waters in the Congo, the Zambezi, the Amazon…in fact, he kayaked the Amazon tidal bore for fun.  It is surprising and delightful to me that he signed a shopping deal with me to develop his next series–especially as he’s a multi-talent producer, action camera, and a hilarious yet enlightening curveball point-of-view he’d bring as an on-camera host.


As soon as Steve gets out of whatever river or half-submerged tunnel he’s in at the moment–folks, he’s available for discussions of future projects. Brands, you should know that too. In the meantime, if you want to know his tentative travel schedule and destination/adventure wish list to see if it fits with your needs…please send me a note.